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Multicultural Services

Circle of Support 


Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre offers the free Circle of Support program to Arabic and Somali speaking parents and their children aged two to six years residing in the PQCHC catchment area. Programs are delivered in Arabic, Somali, and English.  



Multicultural Seniors 


The Healthy Aging for  Multicultural Seniors Program:


· Provides free support to seniors

· Provides seniors with community resources

· Connects seniors with services

· Enhances quality of life

· Reduces the risk of isolation

· Provides a safe space that fosters friendship

· Provides fun opportunities for seniors



This strength-based program draws on the skills of multicultural seniors, giving them an opportunity to contribute to the group and connect in the community.


Please call 613.820.4922 ext 3590 for more information about our programming!



Jewish Family Services of Ottawa (JFS) 


Jewish Family Services offers free and confidential information to immigrants living in Ottawa.

Settlement workers deliver programs on Wednesdays and Thursdays with services available in English, French and Somali.


To find out more about the times and dates of programs or to register, please call 613-820-4922  ext. 3368. 



The Settlement and Integration Program


The Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization provides settlement services at PQCHC to support immigrants and refugees.


To find out more about times and dates of programs or to register, please contact 613-820-4922.

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Call: 613-820-4922

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