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Circle of Support

The program provides:

  • Home visiting
  • Parent and caregiver workshops
  • Cultural parenting supports for immigrant families  

During home visits, our staff work with you to identify your parenting goals and how we can help you to achieve them. Home visiting sessions usually take place once every two weeks with about six sessions in total. We currently have the ability to serve families in Arabic or English. 

Circle of Support also has workshops for new Canadians and immigrant families.  

Workshop topics include:

  • Parenting in a Canadian context
  • Services available in Ottawa to help you and your children

For additional information, or to register for the Circle of Support program, please call 613-820-4922 ext. 3379 and ext. 3358. 

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Call: (613) 820-4922 ext.3379 and ext.3358

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