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Community Development and Health Promotion

Our team of Health Promotors help staff, partners, and residents plan, implement and evaluate a variety of community development activities. Through these activities, initiatives, and programs, we address opportunities and barriers to health and well-being, or what we often call the “Social Determinants of Health.”

We are committed to working with communities, by celebrating our diversity and acknowledging that every resident has a role to play in building safer and more inclusive neighbourhoods. The immediate to longer-term impact of our collective work is measured by people’s feelings of safety, inclusion, connectedness, belonging, and pride of place. 

Health Promotors and Community Developers are always looking to engage residents in learning opportunities, workshops, community events, programming, capacity building, and civic engagement. 

Some of our initiatives and projects include: 

Bayshore Park Community Oven and Garden

Safe People Resident Leadership Training & Civic Engagement

Multicultural Seniors Program  

• Community-based Needs Assessments & Research

• Chronic Disease self-management program 

Multiple programs in Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode  

• … as well as various social and drop-in programs, and presentations on topics requested by the community

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