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Pathways Alumni

Welcome Alumni! On this page you’ll find information about scholarships, academic supports, and how to stay connected with Pathways to Education as an Alumni.

Important Notes on OSAP and Withdrawing from a Post-Secondary Program

For questions about your OSAP funding, contact your school's Financial Aid Office or,  check out our OSAP page.

If you plan on withdrawing from your program, make sure to contact your school’s Office of the Registrar as soon as possible. Make sure that you complete withdrawal requirements prior to the drop date deadline, otherwise you may not get your money back. To request a refund of your Pathways Scholarship, contact the Financial Aid Office at your college or university.

Post-Secondary Academic Supports

Ottawa U Student Academic Success Service

Carleton Student Academic Success Centre

Algonquin Student Success Specialists

Accessing your Pathways to Education Scholarship

Please visit our Pathways Scholarship Application page for information on how to apply for an access your scholarship from Pathways to Education.

Get Connected as an Alumni!

Click here to connect to the Pathways to Education Alumni network. Through this network, Pathways Alumni have access to dedicated support and resources from Pathways Canada including specific perks, discounts and giveaways. The Pathways Alumni network also provides exclusive opportunities to connect with fellow alumni, students, corporate partners and supporters of Pathways.

Please call us at 613.820.4922 or email

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