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Pathways: Scholarship Opportunities

To get started:

Step 1 - Create an account on to do a scholarship/bursary search.

Step 2 - Visit the college and university websites. All colleges and universities offer their own scholarships and bursaries.

Go to eINFO to find university information.

Go to to find college information.

Online Resources:

BFCN Scholarship Directory

Scholar Tree

Disability Awards

Services for Youth

Current Scholarship Opportunities:

Pathways Scholarship Applications

To receive your scholarship, please visit the following website to complete your application:

Scholarship Partners Canada | Universities Canada

For questions about the online scholarship application please contact:

1-844-567-1237 or email

For all other scholarship related questions please contact our senior team:

Dana Elders by email at

Alex Smith at 

Tarry Dheka


Scholarship funds are subject to funding availability. Students are able to access their scholarship until they turn 23 years old. If a student drops out of school, he or she must return any unused amounts of scholarship funds.

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