Student Success Stories

We asked a number of our students to share their thoughts with us so you can get a sense of what the experience has meant to them.


“The diverse multicultural passionate team atmosphere.  There are lots of committed people practicing community development in many forms at PQ.  My ability to work as if staff (but with a student’s freedom for research) made it an ideal setting for my learning objectives.”


“An extremely friendly working environment with great staff, who are always welcoming and supportive.  The respect and trust given to students was amazing.  I also appreciated the trust given to students was amazing.”


“My staff supervisor has taught me so much.  She has been professional, supportive and caring throughout my placement.  She has taken time to answer my questions  offer me support and guidance and has shown me that she really cares.  I feel as though she valued my opinion and trusted my actions and activities.  I have truly appreciated everything she has done.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed working with quality educators and with diverse children, parents and educators.  I believe I was able to learn from everyone not only with my supervisor but also with other teachers, professionals, community members and parents.”


“I really enjoyed the acceptance, everyone was very welcoming.  Whether you are a volunteer, a student, or staff, everyone is treated equally with respect and understanding.”