I am a Client

Ontario’s non-profit community health centres are dedicated to ensuring that residents are able to access vital health care services in their own neighbourhoods. If you have become a medical clinic client of the Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre, you have access to a wide range of primary care and health promotion programs that will help ensure you and your family’s continued well-being.

For contact information or for information on our hours of operation, please visit the Contact Us page. Please see the After Hours Care page for a description of our extended primary care services.

About Our Primary Care Team

We are a team of nurses, nurse practitioners, a dietitian, a chiropodist and family physicians working together to help you.  When you are a client of the PQCHC medical clinic, you will have one main health care provider, but at times an appointment may be booked with any one of us.

Clinic-Client Relationship

Our health team at PQCHC looks forward to working with you to help you manage your health.

When you come to the clinic, you can expect:

  • To be treated with respect and courtesy
  • To be treated in a professional manner
  • To receive information which will help you make informed decisions about your health
  • To have your personal information kept confidential (within legal limits of privacy and confidentiality) and to have a say in making decisions about releasing personal information
  • To have access to your personal records as defined in privacy legislation
  • To make, if necessary, a complaint regarding your care

When you come to the clinic we ask you to:

  • Bring your health card to each visit and show your card to the receptionist
  • Be on time for appointments
  • Treat staff and others in the Centre with courtesy and respect
  • Be a part of a non-violent, non-abusive environment (no swearing, threatening behavior)
  • Provide information about your health and well-being and ask questions when you feel the need
  • Be an active participant in your own health care
  • Respect the Centre’s NO Scent Policy

Health Insurance

We will ask to see proof of your insurance and to see your OHIP card every time you come to a medical appointment.  If your health card has expired we will limit service until it is renewed.  If you need help with OHIP, information is available on the web at www.health.gov.on.ca or by calling 1-800-268-1154.

Non-Insured Clients

Until your OHIP is in place the cost of some medical services may be covered for your care, but other services may require you to pay for yourself.  For example, you should be prepared to pay for hospital fees, ambulance transportation, medications, routine eye exams and physiotherapy.

Booking Appointments

Appointments for the medical clinic may be booked by calling 613-820-2001.  If you have an urgent or acute need a nurse will speak to you by phone to determine how to best meet your needs. For a first appointment you will be asked to complete registration paperwork.

If you are having a medical emergency, go to the nearest hospital or call 911.

Appointments are required for renewals of narcotics and/or completion of letters/forms.

No Show’s

We understand that everyone is busy.  We try to be here when you need us and we ask that you come when you have made an appointment.  If you cannot come to your appointment, and you do not let us know in advance, this is time lost; time that could have been used for another client.  If this happens repeatedly, the PQCHC medical clinic may no longer offer you service.

Cancelling Appointments

If you are not able to keep your appointment, please call us at 613-820-2001, with 24 hours notice, to cancel your appointment.  If you miss more than half of your appointment time you may not be seen that day.

Interpretation Services

PQCHC may provide phone or in-person interpretation (service in languages other than English or French) for registered medical clients for medical appointments.  Please indicate this request upon booking your appointment.  If you cannot keep your appointment we need to know as soon as possible and no less than 48 hours before your appointment.  Although we try our best to provide interpretation services for those in need, please be aware we may not always be able to provide an interpreter for your appointments.

Medication Renewals

If you have medications that need to be renewed, please call your pharmacist.  The pharmacist will fax the request to our clinic.  Please allow five (5) working days notice for all medication renewals.

Privacy and Confidentiality

If at any time you have questions or concerns about the personal health information, the use of this information or the protection of your privacy within PQCHC, please do not hesitate to discuss your concerns with your service provider.

Helping Paw Clinic at Woodroffe High School

If you are a student at Woodroffe High School, you can access our clinical services at the Helping Paw clinic at WHS. For more information, please contact the school at 613-820-7186 or visit their website.