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Somali Youth Support Project (SYSP) and Somali Parent Supports

The Somali Youth Support Project (SYSP) is a community-driven project with the goal to foster the health and integration of Somali youth in the west-end of Ottawa by building on assets and partnerships in the community. 

The project also supports Somali parents through various learning opportunities, social networking, and cultural activities. 

We offer: 

  • Weekly drop-in groups for youth (ages 13-18) to explore their culture, meet new friends, craft, cook, and have fun in a group setting

  • Youth Leadership and Advocacy Group (ages 13-21) which focuses on youth identified topics of interest, self-care, mental health, careers, personal development, culture, and identity

  • Bi-weekly Parent Group which focuses on various topics of importance to parents and advocacy around issues facing the Somali community. Workshops are delivered in Somali and English and are facilitated by service providers and professionals

  • Recreation and field trips

  • Community celebrations 

  • Outreach, advocacy, support network, and lots of fun!

PROGRAM HOURS (subject to change)

SYSP: Sunday  2:00 pm - 6:00 pm at Bayshore Field House

Please call us at 613.820.4922 or email

The Somali Youth Support Project gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the

City of Ottawa

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