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Pathways to Education / Passeport pour ma réussite

The Pathways to Education program supports students living in Pinecrest-Queensway communities to graduate from high school. Our program works closely with local schools, community agencies and volunteers to provide supports to high school students to help them on their journey towards graduating high school and attending a post-secondary institution or finding meaningful work.

Since starting in 2007, the Pathways to Education program has helped to increase the graduation rate in the Pinecrest-Queensway community from 52% to about 80% for students attending the program for two years or more.

Some of the key supports the Pathways to Education provides are:

Academic - Pathways to Education provides weekly tutoring support.  Students are provided with direct access to volunteer tutors who can help them with their homework and prepare for assignments and exams.

Social - The program provides mentorship opportunities to allow students to try new activities and learn new skills. Help is also available to assist with finding jobs, exploring career paths and applying for college or university.

Financial - Each month Pathways students will receive financial support for food or bus costs. Pathways to Education also gives scholarships to students after they graduate to help them pay for college, university, or job training.

One-on-One - Program staff are matched with students to help them meet their goals and stay on course at school. These staff track students' grades and attendance, communicate regularly with parents and school staff, and help to resolve problems that come up at school.

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Registering your youth for Pathways to Education

Want to find out more about the Pathways to Education program? Please see below for more information about program supports and registration. Our flyer is available in multiple languages.  Youth must live within the Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre catchment area and live in a household with financial need to be eligible for the program.

Please call us at 613.820.4922 or email

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