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Pathways: Applying to Post-Secondary

Step 1. Research programs, admission requirements, schools etc.

Where do I start?!  Check out the uoZone!

It is a searchable, online resource that provides up-to-date information on programs, scholarships, residences, campus visits, and more.

Click here for a useful tutorial in university and college language.

Click on the RoadTripNation link, take the test, and hear all about careers that might be of interest to you!

Explore careers on Career Cruising.

Check out our awesome Career Exploration Workbooks:

Finding your Career Helper

If you already know where you are heading:

Explore programs at Algonquin

Explore programs at Carleton

Explore programs at UOttawa

Explore Programs at La Cité

Step 2. Apply online and complete any supplementary applications or admissions assessments

Complete supplementary applications and tests.

Go to the following Links to begin your applications:

Apply for colleges in Ontario

Apply for universities in Ontario

To apply to universities and colleges outside of Ontario, please visit the school's website to learn more about their application process.

Complete all SUPPLEMENTARY applications and tests.

If you would like to pay for supplementary applications and/or tests with your Pathways Scholarship please contact Brandi or Noha for more information.

How-to Videos:

Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC):

Ontario Colleges Application Service (OCAS):

Step 3. Check the status of your applications, and your email often

Regularly check Ontario Colleges or OUAC to check the status of your application.

Once you are accepted to the program of your choice, make sure to confirm your offer before the deadline.

How-to Videos:

OUAC Accepting Offers of Admission

OCAS Accepting Offers of Admission

Step 4. Confirm your offer by the deadline

Pathways Scholarship and OSAP Information

Complete the online Pathways scholarship application.

Applications MUST be completed at least four weeks prior to tuition deadlines.

Visit the OSAP website to learn more about OSAP and to complete the online application.

Make sure to apply for OSAP by June 1st in order to receive your funding in time for school.

Step 5. Apply for your Pathways Scholarship, OSAP, and other scholarships/bursaries

What's Next?

Overview of Next Steps:

1. Check that you have met all requirements to get into your program of choice.

2. Get connected, find out next steps, apply for scholarships and bursaries and build your timetable by logging onto your student account:

3. Make sure to submit all supplementary applications and tests.

4. Make sure to accept your offer of admission by deadlines (May 1st for College and June 1st for University).

5. Complete your OSAP application and Pathways scholarship application ASAP.

6. Make an appointment with an Academic Advisor at your institution.

7. Check deadlines for tuition payments, scholarship applications, course registration and orientation.

Click here for more details: NEXT STEPS HANDOUT ENG.docx

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