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Families First

Families First is a referral-based, Housing First Program supporting families moving from shelter to maintain housing.

In 2020, the Families First Program supported 441 households transitioning to and maintaining permanent housing.  99.3% of these families remained housed.  Prior to Families First, which began in 2011, only 70% of families stayed housed, with 30% returning to shelter.

The Families First Program receives referrals from shelter case workers and provides community-based supports to families who are leaving shelter and moving into housing. The Families First Program offers support to families for a period of 9 months.

Support offered:

  • Help families find resources

  • Work with the family to create a goal plan to meet their needs

  • Provide support in a location where families feel mostcomfortable (including their home)

  • Connect families to services offering short and long-term support

  • Introduce families to social, recreational, health, employment and educational opportunities in their community

  • Provide referrals for practical supports such as furniture, food, clothing, etc

  • Services are offered in the family's language of choice

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