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Concentric Circles of Care

Concentric Circles of Care has the collective impact goal to increase equity, social inclusion, and cohesion for BIPOC individuals (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) to increase their capacity and sense of belonging across neighbourhoods in our city.

We work with community partners across the sector and convene Health Promoters and Community Developers across Community Health and Resource Centres (Sandy Hill, Lowertown, Rideau-Rockcliffe, Pinecrest-Queensway) to strengthen our reach in supporting BIPOC residents.

Through a Community of Practice, we work to streamline the processes to identify and support marginalized BIPOC residents by increasing more equitable, better-coordinated access to counseling, peer support, programming, and referrals for youth. Based on community needs, trends, and feedback, we facilitate “Community Conversations” that celebrate culture, anti-racism, anti-hate, social inclusion, and capacity building to foster leadership. We connect residents to city-wide training, create individualized wraparounds, and offer various avenues for leadership development and creative expression.


We collaborate with “United for All” to overcome hate-based violence, racism and extremism in the City of Ottawa.

We Offer:

Opportunities for BIPOC youth to advance their leadership skills, expand their social network, and build positive relationships with peers through referrals to city-wide trainings/workshops and increase access to community resources to navigate their ways to community programs they are interested in

  • Opportunities for BIPOC residents to become more engaged in their community by supporting BIPOC resident leaders to organize culturally relevant activities.

  • Opportunities for residents, students, and community leaders to volunteer in community development initiatives.

  • Wrap-around support and care for BIPOC residents that require extra support in terms of housing, employment, and mental health services

  • Opportunities to plan and host small to large community conversations and forums about topics identified by the community and service providers.

Our Partners:

Lowertown Community Resource Centre

Sandyhill Community Health Centre

Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre

…as well as various community development, housing, youth focussed, law enforcement, faith-based organizations, and local community houses (Foster Farm, Pinecrest Terrace, Britannia Woods, Winthrop Court, Morrison Gardens, Michele Heights).

For more information or to register for our free programs,

please reach out to Rasheedaht at (613) 698-3257 or

Pinecrest Queensway Community Health Centre and our sister CHC’s greatly appreciate the support of United Way Eastern Ontario.

Check out this United Way Minute clip on YouTube

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Create a referral:

Would you like to refer yourself or a client to the Concentric Circles of Care for extra supports, or to help support the community? Please complete the form at this link:


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