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Income Tax Program

This Free Income Tax Program runs every year in March and April and can accommodate a variety of languages as well as 10 years of past tax returns. To register, you must fill out our secure and confidential form and only if you reside in our catchment/area. Click here to check

Volunteer services are available in English, French, Chinese, Hindi, Nepali, Russian, Slovak and Vietnamese.

Required Documents:

  • Government Issued ID

  • Most recent Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) ‘Notice of Assessment’

  • T4, T4A, T4A(P), T4(RSP), T4A(OAS),T4E, T5, T3, and T5007

  • Universal Care Benefits (RC62), childcare expenses, tuition/education receipts (T2202A)

  • Disability Tax Certificate (T2201)

  • Recent proof of rent record, medical receipts, and charitable donations

  • Public transit passes or receipts

Important: We are unable to respond to the inquiries that are outside of our catchment/area.

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