Pathways: Our Results

Graduation Rate

  • Historically only 51% of youth living in the Pathways catchment area graduated from high school. This data was obtained from all four school boards in Ottawa prior to Pathways starting.
  • Among the first two cohorts of Pathways students, the graduation rate is 78% to date and climbing. (Graduation rates among Pathways students will be even higher next year, as several students are in the process of completing a fifth or sixth year to obtain their diploma.)
  • We are confident our graduation rate will meet or exceed the Ontario average of 82% by next year.


Post-Secondary Enrolment

  • 90% of all Pathways graduates applied to post-secondary institutions
  • 82% of Pathways graduates enrolled in a post-secondary institution within 3 months of completing high school.  This is significantly higher than the national average of 49% (Youth in Transition Study – Cohort B Cycle 5,  Statistics Canada).