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Safe People & Civic Engagement

Safe People is a community-based project that provides Resident Leadership Development training and a regular drop-in group to discuss advocacy topics identified by the community. 

Safe People is founded upon a volunteer peer-support model for residents of low-income neighbourhoods who face high poverty levels, mental health issues, addictions, violence, and isolation. The project builds on neighbourhood strengths and assets thereby building stronger neighbourhoods, reducing isolation, and increasing wellbeing. 

We carry out a range of advocacy work and invite residents to become more civically engaged through elections campaigns. We work to increase voter turnout in our catchment area and consistently engage with our local politicians through community development and advocacy work.

We offer: 

  • A free 8-week Resident Leadership Training program for community members to learn about facilitation, conflict resolution, mental health and addictions, anti-hate and anti-racism, services and supports, and to work collaboratively with community partners.

  • A bi-weekly Safe People Advocacy Group where we discuss topics of interest and have guest speakers and workshops. The Safe People Advocacy Group serves as a Community of Practice where new members and alumni gather to share social activities and best practices in community development.

  • Opportunities to community members to polish their skills to listen, expand their social network, build positive relationships, enhance their self-care practices and see value in every one in their community.

  • A Graduation certificate. Graduates of the Safe People program often go on to be members and leaders of local community groups and plan community events, facilitate community conversations and much more.

  • Opportunities for residents to become more engaged in politics at the local, provincial and federal levels.

  • Incentives, meals, and a lot of fun!

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