About Volunteering

At Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre, we could not deliver the array of diverse, innovative programming the Ottawa west end community has come to expect without the support of our volunteers. PQCHC volunteers account for over 46,000 hours of labour each year, the equivalent of hiring on an extra 26 full-time staff at a cost of 1.2 million dollars.

Volunteers and staff are considered partners and work in collaboration to uphold the principles, values and mission of PQCHC. They contribute unique knowledge; experiences and skills that help PQ better connect with the west end community, reflect its diversity and serve its specific needs.

We aim to make each Pinecrest-Queensway volunteer experience a positive one. It’s important that your contributions are valued and that you have opportunities to gain new skills or develop existing skills while pursuing your interest. We make an effort to ensure that every volunteer is given an appropriate assignment that takes into account the volunteer’s interests and skills so that they can make the greatest possible positive impact on their community.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Let your personality and interests guide you…

Are You…

Then Consider…

People oriented? Supporting workshops and greeting people
A good teacher? Being a tutor for children and youth
Always on the move? Recreation support
Energetic? Child and youth programs
Computer savvy? Become a computer coach
A quick typist? Administrative support
An athlete? Youth sports night
Like to write? Write reports and edit documents
Creative? Design flyers, posters and display boards


If you’re interested in volunteering with Pinecrest-Queensway, please see the following pages for more information, including: