Volunteer Opportunities


Support to Children’s Programs

PQCHC volunteers provide assistance and support to staff in a variety of settings (e.g. nursery school, preschool drop-in program etc.). Opportunities may include:

  • arts and crafts instruction and preparation
  • snack preparation
  • reading stories and other literacy activities
  • developing resource kits and information sheets
  • planning and facilitating outdoor recreation
  • supporting Arabic and Somali families and caregivers

Support for Seniors

Volunteers provide support and companionship to seniors in the West End community. Opportunities may include:

  • assistance with special medical clinics (ex. flu shot clinics, diabetes information sessions)
  • support training and workshop opportunities
  • peer support and advocacy for challenges to seniors
  • research activities to promote seniors’ health

Support to Youth Programs

Volunteers provide support, encouragement and assistance to west end youth. Opportunities may include:

  • helping with youth drop-in activities for teenage boys and girls
  • tutoring and academic support
  • sports and recreational coaching support
  • facilitating drama, dance and arts & crafts activities
  • workshops, training and health promotion activities
  • support specific programs: Somali Youth Support Project and United Sisters

Support for New Canadians

Volunteers provide support, assistance and social contact for newcomers to Canada who have settled in Ottawa. Support opportunities include:

  • basic translation and interpretation of forms
  • providing assistance with access to community programs and services
  • facilitating integration into Canadian workplace culture
  • mentoring and peer support activities
  • teaching job search strategies and skills
  • developing resources and booklets

Administrative and Clerical Support

PQCHC administrative and clerical volunteers perform a number of important duties in a variety of program areas. Opportunities may include:

  • assistance with clerical work (e.g. data entry, photocopying, filing, compiling statistics, preparing mailing lists, etc.)
  • reception and greeting community members
  • registration for workshops and activities
  • creation and development of flyers, pamphlets and booklets
  • writing or editing policy and procedure documents

Educational Support

Volunteers provide educational assistance to staff in a variety of programs and settings. Opportunities may include:

  • developing educational and leadership activities for children, youth or adults
  • helping clients explore technology, such as computers and video cameras
  • workshops and supports for multicultural and English as a Second Language clients
  • art and craft skills classes, such as painting, drawing, sewing and quilt making
  • coaching and mentoring job seekers
  • research and curriculum development

Board and Committee Membership

Volunteers who are on the Pinecrest-Queensway Board of Directors or other committees are responsible for the governance, accountability, policy directives and financial management of the Centre.

Public Relations and Special Events

Volunteers assist with public awareness campaigns, public education activities and events. Opportunities may include:

  • newsletter development and production
  • advertising and flyer distribution
  • assisting with booths or displays
  • preparing or serving food
  • greeting and hosting community members during events
  • assisting with event planning
  • outreach activities in the community