About Student Placements



Students are an important resource and an integral part of the Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre (PQCHC) team. The skill, knowledge, assistance, support and enthusiasm of students allows PQCHC to offer a variety of programs and services. Working together, staff and students can reach and support residents in the PQCHC community.

Each student accepted to a position at PQCHC is assigned a designate Staff Supervisor who will have an educational background relevant to the student’s program and at least three years of experience in their profession. The Staff Supervisor is responsible for orienting, supporting, mentoring, directing and supervising the student, as it relates to the placement activities, and taking into account the requirements of the educational institution.


Student placements or field placements are an essential part of student training. It is designed to connect students with community agencies, other students and to community members who they serve.

Students will have opportunities to:

  • Connect with multi-disciplinary  professional staff, volunteers and community members
  • Understand PQCHC administrative hierarchy, policies and procedures
  • Introduce the student to a spectrum of community activities and programs
  • Integrate classroom learning and theory with actual practice situations in the community
  • Expand awareness, knowledge and understanding of diversity
  • Be challenged; continue to learn, investigate, grow, develop and evaluate their area(s) of interest
  • Assess and evaluate their own skills, abilities and performance in the field
  • Practice skills and acquire new knowledge


Students can apply for placement opportunities from any accredited educational institution, college, university and or secondary school program, which requires students to complete an (unpaid) placement as part of their academic credits.

Some educational programs (e.g. Master of Health Administration) require that a paid internship be part of the academic credit.  These internships are approved by the Executive Director.