Student Application Process

How to apply for a Student Placement

    1.  Application forms can be submitted electronically by linking to  to:
    2. The link will take you to “”.   Select the icon “Fill in Application”.   Create a username and password to complete the application process.
  2. EMAIL INQUIRES:  Please allow three weeks before inquiring by email about the status of your application to


Potential student applicants will be contacted by the Coordinator of Volunteer and Student Services when there is match between the application information provided and a placement opportunity.

Screening and Interview

The screening and interview, with the Coordinator of Volunteer and Student Services, provides the applicant a chance to expand on why they are interested in volunteering. The 1 hour interview will also touch upon the following:

a)      The Coordinator provides an overview of Pinecrest-Queensway CHC and the programs and services offered.

b)      The Coordinator will ask the applicants predetermined questions to learn why he/she is interested in a placement.

c)      The applicant will have the opportunity to ask questions about programs, services and expectations.

d)      The Coordinator will review policies and procedures, student rights and responsibilities and the Centre’s code of conduct.

e)      The applicant will provide a copy a Police Records Check (exception: students under the age of 18).

f)       The applicant will provide a copy of the Work/Education Placement form or Letter of Acknowledgement to be signed-off on.

g)      The applicant will provide any further documentation required.

h)      The applicant will read and sign-off on forms such as confidentiality, emergency contact information and references.

i)        The Coordinator will discuss the matching process and next steps.


Student suitability for placement is determined based on the following factors:

  • Interests, skills and experiences
  • Goals and objectives of the placement
  • Student availability and commitment
  • Willingness and ability to adhere to the mission, philosophy of service, value and goals of PQCHC
  • Willingness and ability to adhere to the policies and procedures of PQCHC
  • The outcome of the Police Records Check
  • Availability of placement opportunities


Once a student is accepted he/she is required to:

  • Contact the Coordinator of Volunteer and Student Services (, three weeks before his/her start date to set up a meeting.
  • Attend an orientation session about PQCHC.
  • Read, understand and sign-off on specific forms.
  • Read and understand policies and procedures specific to the placement.
  • Attend mandatory training (such as Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) training and Violence Prevention in the Workplace)
  • Participate in orientation, meetings or workshop sessions specific to the placement.