About the ITP Program

The ITP-Mentorship Program “From Volunteerism to Employment” offers 3-month mentorship-volunteer placements for Internationally Trained Professionals (ITPs). ITPs are paired with staff –mentors at PQCHC and different Community Health and Resource Centres (CHRCs) across the city. ITPs are placed according to their interest and/or field of expertise with services and programs offered by the center.

The program supports skilled immigrants in

  • Acquiring Canadian work experience related to their field of expertise
  • Developing professional and social networks
  • Observing and understanding workplace culture and expectations
  • Practicing professional language related to their field of expertise
  • Accessing information regarding accreditation regulations and training opportunities
  • Enhancing self confidence and leadership
  • Developing a more defined career path

Operating for over 5 years now, the program has supported over 180 internationally trained professionals, and 65% of the participants who completed the program have gained employment related to their field of expertise. Please note that this program is currently available in English only.

Job Mentoring

  • Internationally trained professionals are paired with experienced  staff according to their, interest, education, training and experience
  • Mentorships are completed at one CHRC or at one of the Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre’s 51 onsite and offsite service locations
  • Mentorships are three months long and require a 12 hour a week commitment  (Approximately 144 hours)

Peer Support

Peer support meetings are scheduled every second week throughout the program.  Both past and present program participants are encouraged to attend and facilitate peer support by sharing their experiences.  Peer support meetings are designed to support internationally trained professionals in:

  • Connecting with peers and PQCHC staff
  • Developing social and professional networks
  • Sharing training knowledge and employment opportunities that they know of
  • Discussing workplace culture, language and expectations
  • Supporting each other in achieving career goals
  • Practicing and refining facilitation and presentation skills
  • Developing and refining problem solving skills

Workshops and Training

Workshops, training and guest speakers are scheduled throughout the program and are designed to prepare internationally trained professionals for the Canadian labour market. Each of the three sessions provides workshops, presentations and training that support their ongoing training needs.

Internationally Trained Professional participants are required to complete the following training sessions:

  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Training
  • Violence Prevention in the Workplace

Additional workplace workshops and training cover the following topics:

  • Volunteering in the Canadian Context
  • Employment Standards Act
  • Human Rights Act and Discrimination in the Workplace
  • Communication in the Workplace
  • Resolving Disagreements
  • Taking Initiative and Hiring Practices
  • Career Development
  • Labour Market Trends
  • Cross Cultural Communication