Primary Care Quality Practice Facilitation

The Champlain Primary Care Quality Practice Facilitation Program

An exciting program open to primary care physicians and nurse practitioners

  • Are you tired of dealing with the same old practice problems without moving to solutions?
  • Do you have new ideas to improve practice systems or processes but don’t know how to start?
  • Would you like to use the EMR to its full potential?
  • Are you running as fast as you can but the office still runs late every day?
  • Are you part of a team that wants to work to its full potential?
  • Curious about Quality Improvement (QI) but don’t have the time or the staff to look into it?

The Opportunity

Support is available for you to improve your practice systems and your patients’ experience and outcomes. An experienced practice facilitator (or coach) will meet regularly with you and your team to show you how to improve an aspect of your practice. You choose your improvement area, informed by your practice data and with guidance from the facilitator. The duration of the program will vary depending upon the needs of the practice, and the improvement focus (6-18 months).

***This program meets the accreditation criteria of the College of Family Physicians of Canada and has been accredited for up to 40 Mainpro+ credits.***

The Practice Facilitators

Practice Facilitators are process experts with training in QI science. Your facilitator will provide the tools you need to make meaningful and sustainable change. This will be a long term structured relationship, focused on building skills to adapt clinical evidence to the specific circumstance of your practice environment.

The Results

Practice Facilitation is internationally recognized. The research shows it is an effective intervention for sustained improvement of chronic disease management and the adoption of clinical preventive care guidelines in primary care (Hogg, Baskerville, & Lemelin, 2005; Parchman 2014).

The Cost

Practice Facilitation is available to you free of charge. The cost to you is the time and effort required from you and your staff to improve your practice systems with guidance from your practice facilitator.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROGRAM read the FAQs below and call or email the practice facilitators directly:

Liz Jackson:

Ruth Dimopoulos:

Tamara Fortin:

Services are available in French.