Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT)

Pinecrest-Queensway’s Assertive Community Treatment Team program is comprised of a transdisciplinary team of health professionals who provide client-centered individual treatment, support and rehabilitation to residents of the Ottawa region with severe and persistent mental illness. The team includes a psychiatrist, an occupational therapist, nurses and mental health workers. ACTT provides a wide range of comprehensive community-based services, 24 hours a day/365 days a year.

ACTT’s intensive treatment and rehabilitation approach is based on:

  • Assertive outreach – Taking the service to the client
  • Ongoing and continuous service, including after hours on-call services
  • Symptoms assessment, management and medication education
  • Rehabilitation and support for daily living
  • Advocacy

Services are intended for people with complex, long-term and serious psychiatric illness. Access to Pinecrest-Queensway’s ACTT services is made through a central registry. Referral forms and information regarding eligibility requirements are available from the Referral Coordinator at 613-722-6521 x7325.

For further information about the Assertive Community Treatment Team, please visit the following links:

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