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Bayshore Community Development

Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre believes that positive growth in Ottawa begins at the neighbourhood level. PQCHC focuses on community development in the Bayshore neighbourhood.

Bayshore Youth Council (BYC)

The Bayshore Youth Council (BYC) is a volunteer group for west end youth aged 13 to 18 looking for ways to make a positive impact on their community while building valuable leadership skills.

Community Houses

Foster Farm

Michele Heights

Morrison Gardens

Pinecrest Terrace

Winthrop Court

Safety & Leadership

Safe People

PQCHC recognizes that the neighbourhoods of Ottawa cannot thrive without the diligent efforts of their community members. Pinecrest-Queensway’s Safe People program, which is funded by the United Way Ottawa, is an ongoing volunteer leadership program that brings neighbours together to ensure the continued improvement of health and safety in the community.

United Neighbours

United Neighbours is a community-driven initiative in Ottawa’s west end co-funded by PQCHC alongside Crime Prevention Ottawa  and the Trillium Foundation, with a vision of combating fear and misconceptions about youth violence, racism and immigrant populations.

Children & Youth

Homework Clubs

Homework Clubs are offered during the school year through Pinecrest-Queensway Community Houses.  Here, students ages 6 to 12 can find a safe and quite space to complete homework assignments and develop strong study skills.

Somali Youth Support Project (SYSP)

The Somali Youth Support Project (SYSP) is a Somali community driven project operating out of Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre.  The goal of SYSP is to foster the health and integration of Somali youth living in the Pinecrest-Queensway catchment area by building on assets and partnerships in the community.

United Sisters

United Sisters is an early intervention program for Ottawa girls aged 10  to 15.  The overall goal of the program is to provide opportunities for young girls to develop the skills to be confident, independent, and active members of their communities.

Multicultural Programs

Multicultural Seniors

The Healthy Aging for Multicultural Seniors Program provides free support to vulnerable seniors remaining in their own home by providing services and programming to access community resources, health promotion and illness prevention services.