School Readiness

Preparing to begin school for the first time is an exciting moment and a great opportunity for children and parents to learn together.  Pinecrest-Queensway and Early ON offer a slate of free, fun school readiness programs help children enhance fundamental skills and help children to achieve their full learning potential. School readiness programs support kids and their parents during the year before the start of junior kindergarten.

For workshop dates, times and other information on PQCHC and the Early ON school readiness programs, call 613-820-4922 ext.3650.

Programs include:

  • School’s Cool: A 6 week outcome-oriented program that uses a play-based curriculum to enhance children’s skills in 4 areas: language, reasoning, socialization and self-help. For children 3 to 5.  This program is funded by the Ottawa United Way.
  • Family Math: The Family Math program supports the development of basic math skills to assist children with their school readiness. Parents and children share their thinking and understanding of mathematics in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. When families have fun working on math together, and respect each other’s thought processes, everyone benefits. For children 3 to 6.
  • Fuelling for Full Day Learning:  Parents, together with their children, learn how to plan healthy school lunches and snacks based on Canada’s Food Guide.  As well, they learn the benefits of having children help prepare their own lunches and snacks. For children starting kindergarten.
  • Backpack Adventures: During the 6 week program, parents and children explore the 5 domains of school readiness.  Families discover new information and activities to support their child’s journey into school.  Each session introduces a new domain and families get to borrow a backpack full of fun activities to practice each new skill at home. During the last session, children receive a special gift to congratulate them on entering school! For children starting kindergarten. Available in French and English.