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Accessibility Pledge

Pinecrest Queensway CHC (PQCHC) welcomes and encourages people living with disabilities to use our services.  We will provide access to our services for people with disabilities in a way that respects their right to dignity, independence and integration.

We strive to provide service to everyone in a welcoming and supportive environment. We will consider the individual needs of people with disabilities in delivering service by:

  • Considering individual and special needs when applying PQCHC policies and procedures
  • Communicating with people in a way that meets their needs
  • Welcoming feedback and suggestions about services in a variety of formats
  • Welcoming accompanying support people
  • Offering a range of assistive devices
  • Welcoming service animals
  • Letting people know if services are not available where possible, for example, if a program is going to be closed or if the website is not available
  • Ensuring emergency responses address accessibility
  • Training staff and volunteers to provide the best possible service
  • Providing a forum for addressing concerns or challenges associated with accessing our services including our suggestion box and complaints procedures
  • Ensuring the Executive Director’s name and contact information is available both at program sites and on our website
  • Providing opportunities for continuous improvement and regular review of accessibility policies and procedures
  • Ensuring this information is available in both official languages

Clients wishing to see a complete copy of this policy should speak to their service provider.